Scorpio could be one of the best signs out there however they’re very misunderstood. A lot of people don’t get Scorpios. They can have an intense and almost menacing looking face, but meanwhile they’re in a very happy place in their head. They’re always thinking, they’re always calculating everything around them- who you are, what you’re about. They’re not listening necessarily to the words that you’re saying, they’re listening behind the words, reading between the lines. Your time, your facial expression, where you’re coming from. They’re a water sign, and water has the whole ocean for their imagination. They can pause, forward, rewind any moment, because they have a whole ocean as a memory. So later on in the shower they can be thinking, “wait, he said that with that expression, so that means he’s lying” or “he said that, he meant it with sincerity”. They can recalculate what you said, how you said it, when you said it.Every Scorpio knows the last time you were with them, they remember how it was. Whether you were on good terms, bad terms, whether you hurt them, whether you did something good for them. A Scorpio will never forget what you did for them. And that’s Scorpio.



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